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General Terms and Conditions for Chat2do 

(SimDoctor, GmbH)


The company SimDoctor, GmbH, Ammerweg 4, 74336 Brackenheim, hereinafter referred to as SimDoctor, obliges all users of SimDoctor Software and Chat2do software of SimDoctor, GmbH to accept the following terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions were published on 25.09.2018 and are effective from 01.09.2018.


§1 Services


(I) Prerequisites to participate in Chat2do and SimDoctor, it is necessary to agree to the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions relate in particular, but not exclusively, to the entire range of Internet sites of Chat2do and SimDoctor (Communication- and Software for medical practices).


(II) Responsibility Chat2do and SimDoctor always endeavors to ensure the error-free availability of the Services. Nevertheless, there can be occasional errors and failures. Are caused to a user of the SimDoctor software by possible server failures, errors in the programming and the like. Disadvantages, the user of the SimDoctor software is not entitled to restore the prevailing status of his user account before the event. With regard to the liability of SimDoctor § 8 of these terms and conditions applies.



§2 Membership


(I) Start of membership, registration with successful registration of a user account begins the membership. The user is obliged to use a permanently existing email address. Chat2do and SimDoctor reserves the right to verify this at any time.


(II) Termination by the user the membership beginning with the registration can be terminated at any time by the member with deletion of the user account. Deletion of the data may be delayed for technical reasons. The duration of the storage of data is determined according to § 6.


(III) Termination by the operator no user is entitled to participate in offers of Chat2do and SimDoctor. The operator reserves the right to delete or block user accounts, especially if these Terms of Use are violated. The decision on the deletion of user accounts is the responsibility of the project management. Objections to the deletion of user accounts can only be made via the manual mechanisms. There is no legal claim.


(Iv) Repayment There is no repayment claim for amounts paid, unless membership has been terminated by Chat2do and SimDoctor and this termination has not been triggered by any user behavior. Any violation of the Terms and Conditions, the Terms of Use or the applicable law may trigger such termination.


(V) Miscellaneous due to payments made, no additional claim can be derived from the payment made specifically for this payment (eg use of the user account, freedom to advertise, special functions). All rights remain with the operator



§3 Content / Responsibility


In terms of communication between users, Chat2do and SimDoctor provides a platform through which users can communicate with each other. The users themselves are responsible for the content of this communication. Pornographic, racist, abusive or otherwise in violation of applicable law content is not the responsibility of the operator. Violations can lead to immediate deletion or blocking.


§4 Unauthorized Interventions


(I) Manipulative Measures The user is not authorized to use any actions, mechanisms or software in connection with the website that may interfere with the function. The user may not take any action that could result in an unreasonable or excessive burden on the technical capacities.


(II) Unauthorized External Programs it is prohibited to access any pages of the Chat2do and SimDoctor Software with programs other than the browser. This refers in particular to so-called Bots as well as other tools which are to replace or supplement the Web interface. Also prohibited are scripts and fully or partially automated programs that give the user of the Chat2do and SimDoctor software an advantage over their co-user of the SimDoctor software. This includes auto-refresh functions and other integrated mechanisms of the Internet browser, as long as they are automated processes. The use of advertising-suppressive measures is prohibited. It is irrelevant whether advertising is deliberately suppressed or, in general, e.g. by so-called pop-up blocker, text-based browser or the like cannot be displayed. Exceptions to this are expressly approved programs.


(III) Direct login. The login to the user account is only allowed on the start page. Automated opening of the user account, regardless of whether the start page is displayed or not, is not permitted.


§5 Usage Restriction


(I) Number of usable user accounts / users of each user agrees to enter only as many users as agreed. In the event of a violation, the monthly or annual payments will be adjusted to continue to use the user account, so-called "multis" are not allowed and can be deleted / blocked without warning.


(II) Rules Details are determined according to the user rules.


(III) Blockages may be permanent or temporary at the discretion of the operator. Likewise, locks may extend to one or all user areas.




Payment Terms


In addition to the aforementioned regulations, the following regulations apply as the basis for all payment transactions relating to participation in the game. (Payment Terms) A payment


(I) Method of Payment The possibilities of payment vary depending on the country of participation and on the market and technically feasible payment options.


(II) Type of commitment depending on the method of payment used, the contract will be concluded in the form of a one-off payment or a subscription. If it is a payment subscription, the user will be notified separately. The term and extension requirements of the subscription depend on the chosen payment variant and are described separately in the registration area. The descriptions there are part of the contract.


(III) Due date payments are due upon final activation by the user. The collection of the payments is carried out by the third party responsible for the payment process. Subscription-related follow-up payments are due at the end of the paid previous period (beginning of the re-extension). The collection can be made a few days in advance to ensure complete usability.


(IV) Return debit has the respective medium used for the payment (telephone balance, bank balances, etc.) no cover, so that return debit takes place, depending on the third party, a lump-sum processing fee may automatically be charged. Until full settlement of the liabilities, the user can be excluded from using the Chat2do and SimDoctor software.


(V) Reminder. The communication path of a reminder is always via the email address entered in the user account. It is up to the user to ensure accessibility via this email address.


(VI) Delay. The user will be in default even without a reminder if he does not pay at the latest fourteen days after the due date.


(VII) Collection. If the user does not pay despite a reminder or in case of default, the payment process with the required data of the user is handed over to a collection agency. Incidental costs are borne by the user.


(VIII) Minor amounts. Amounts up to € 5 are not enforced by Chat2do and SimDoctor in any case and cannot be reclaimed by the user under any circumstances.


B Revocation / Termination


(I) Right of Withdrawal. There is no right of revocation due to § 312b III Nr. 6 BGB.


(II) Termination. If a contract has been concluded as a subscription, it can be terminated at any time, but no later than 15 working days before expiry of the term shown in the user account. If the user does not cancel the subscription, it will automatically be renewed for another period. Upon termination, Chat2do and SimDoctor will provide the user with appropriate input screens depending on the payment method chosen. The respective websites are communicated to the user with the order and are also to be inquired about the customer support. A termination must be made separately, regardless of the cancellation or deletion of the user account.


C Data Protection / Integration of third-parties


SimDoctor uses the help of third parties to process the payment transactions. All third-party providers are required to keep the data collected secret. A disclosure of the collected data will only take place if the user does not meet his payment obligations. Data which are collected within the scope of the payment will not be forwarded to third parties according to § 6 II of the GTC. Further information on data protection can be found in the privacy statements of Chat2do and SimDoctor.



The effectiveness of these terms and conditions can be contradicted by the user within 14 days of publication. A participation in the game without acceptance of the terms and conditions is not possible for technical reasons, a contradiction is therefore equivalent to a termination and leads to the exclusion from the user account. The objection can also be explained by deleting the user account.




SimDoctor, GmbH, Ammerweg 4, 74336 Brackenheim, Germany

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