• Tasks

    Manage all your tasks quickly and easily with chat2do.

  • Chat

    Interact with your customers and employees securely (encrypted messaging) and efficiently.

  • Search

    Easily find the words of your interest through an inner search.

  • Security

    Chat2do has been developed with SSL technology for greater security of your information.

  • filter

    With Chat2do you can filter the words or terms of your interest.

  • Devices

    Chat2do works on PC, tablet and smartphones. no installation is required

  • a. Task for yourself
  • b. Task for others
  • c. Task with time
  • d. Task for different dates
  • e. Easy moving tasks with one button to other dates
  • f. Drag and drop tasks to others
  • g. Color code tasks
  • h. Task marked ready will show when and by whom they were marked ready
  • i. Add recurrent tasks
  • j. Done tasks will be automatically moved to the bottom of the screen


  • a. Text notes
  • b. Document notes
  • c. Voice notes
  • d. Video notes
  • e. Pre-defined forms can be created (helps not forgetting something)


  • a. Private chats
  • b. Group chats
  • c. Group chats divided in mine and others
  • d. All chats are saved for later access if needed
  • e. Sending/receiving documents, images, voice and videos
  • f. Guest access can be granted to clients and partners(used also for branding!)


  • a. Create to-do-lists for yourself and others
  • b. Search to do lists
  • c. Print to-do-lists


  • a. Search everywhere within one search
  • b. Search in different filters


  • a. Filter to show todays tasks, notes and to dos
  • b. Filter to show all still open tasks for myself
  • c. Filter showing still outstanding tasks sent to others
  • d. Filter showing all important, rash and private
  • e. Filter can be modified by user
  • f. Quick filter can be added and edited


  • a. Works on PC, tablet and smartphones – high mobility
  • b. Web-based
  • c. No download needed
  • d. No installation needed
  • e. Accessible anywhere with internet


  • a. SSL
  • b. End to end encryption
  • c. Penetration test proven
  • d. Hosting on secure dedicated server
  • e. Hosting also possible on company’s own server
  • f. All personal information, tasks and chats are encrypted


  • a. Language php, MySQL, java script
  • b. API for integration with other programs
  • c. Browser based SaaS software

Added values

  • a. Slick, modern and very compact layout
  • b. Very organized and easy to use
  • c. Comes in 3 languages (English, German and Portuguese)
  • d. Different user levels (admin, user)
  • e. Push notification for new messages
  • f. Multi company features are included
  • g. More languages added by request within 48 hours
  • h. Easy to remember name
  • i. Soon, more modules will be added
  • j. Soon, integrations with Slack and Trello
  • k. Real time communication
  • l. Can be installed on companies own server