Chat2do was designed for businesses but works great for personal use as well.

No, there are no fees in the free version with up to 3 users.

There are several advantages to using only one integrated system instead of several different communication systems::

• Chat programs communicate quickly, but you have no options to mark tasks as "done."
• Using different communication systems during the day can be too confusing and time consuming. With Chat2do, you have everything in one place: the chats, the tasks, the to-do lists, and even the otherwise handwritten notes that make using post-its obsolete.
• You do not have to install a program
• You can access wherever you have an internet connection

Yes, of course you can add as many users as you like. See Pricing

Yes, Chat2do has a security system with SSL and end-to-end encryption. All information is secure on the encrypted server and only you have access to it.

Yes, we create a backup 4 times a day.

Yes, it's possible. It will cause additional costs as the infrastructure changes. It is usually only interesting for larger companies or companies (like banks) that need maximum security.

The support is divided into the following plans:
"Standard" (free): We only support by email
"Company": Support via email and via chat
"Enterprise": email, chat and phone support

Chat2do is a product of SimDoctor. In the future, the Chat2do will publish modules that works and is integrated with the system. The next functionalities would be: calendar, website, online appointments and a CRM.

Yes, Chat2do has the function of multi-enterprise. This allows the administrator to register with multiple companies to communicate between them.

Yes, the free system has a limit of 1,200 MB per system. As you approach the limit, you will receive a notification of your limit. Usually, this limit is difficult to achieve. Of course, if you add many high-resolution images and documents in the system, you can quickly reach that limit.
When you reach the limit, you can download your data and continue normally.

People and businesses that have not been using the Chat2do system for more than 6 months will be notified to shut down the system and make room for other people and companies they want to use. You can download their information before their profile is deleted.

You can also easily access the Chat2do via the smartphone.

You can also add people who do not work with you. Your administrator would be the person who can add Internet access to each user outside the company’s circle. Additional costs could incurred in case the number of users increase above the contracted once.

You can download the Deskpins program. With this free program you can fix any program or window on the desktop
Click here to download Deskpins

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