What are the advantages of chat2do?

The Chat2Do system is a marriage between a 'Chat' system with a 'to-do-list' system,The Chat2Do system is a marriage between a 'Chat' system with a 'to-do-list' system,Ideal for use in many offices, clinics, hospitals or any other business that has an interest in efficient and organized internal communication.

Chat program

Chat2do is equipped with a chat program that has all the features you already know. The advantage is that it is not only integrated and only available to employees, but also has the highest security of today's standards.

With Chat2do you no longer have to disturb your employees, either by phone calls or by personal delivery of messages

Employees are often disrupted in their workflow by unnecessary visits or telephone calls, messages, by employees who otherwise could have been otherwise delivered.

Post-it notes

Each note is first noted in the text box and then either forwarded, listed as a task, or even changed as a repeating task.

The big advantage is that you have everything in one place, read it and can find it again anytime, even after many months, and not end up in the bin like a postit


Tasks within your company's workforce are easily shared, managed and organized.

Now tasks can be quickly and efficiently shared, answered, automatically repeated or rejected. In addition, with a simple check mark we indicated that the task was done.

With the "mouse over" function, you can easily follow the process at any time. Completed tasks indicate who and when they are currently working and who and when they have done it.

Task lists

In everyday life and in every company you need lists to be reminded of certain things. Chat2do has an easy fix for that.

Lists can be created for yourself or, of course, forwarded to employees.

This gives Chat2do everything in one place, whether it's to-do lists, checklists, documents, photos, voice messages or even videos.